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The Wow Factor - Kindle edition by David Wright. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note. Creating the Wow Factor - Kindle edition by Celia Delaney. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. The book is styled like the tutorials in 3D world: each chapter covers one specific effect. It starts off with a demonstration of the result and some.

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The Wow Factor (eBook, PDF) - Bamford, Anne. Als Download Sofort per Download lieferbar Netzwerke für durchgängige Sprachbildung 1 (eBook, PDF ). ANDREW PRICE. THE. Create jaw dropping effects in Blender. FACTOR. WOW .. The X and Y factor defines how eBook if you are unsure how to do this. Hello, i was recently interested in buying the wow factor (Andrew Price, which Does it come in a download by email, or is it an actual disc or a physical http:// It's an ebook, but there are bonuses.

The answer to this is surprisingly complex. To an outside observer, it looks like the world is obsessed with ebooks. Outside the US, print books are still more popular than ebooks. And even in the US, non-fiction is the largest category in print sales, and growing year-on-year. First, if you intend to use your book to get clients, you are going to want to put a printed book in their hand. Or indeed any impact at all. Third, a printed book makes getting referrals a breeze.

One of those books is available only as an ebook. The other is available on Kindle, as a paperback, a hardback, and an audiobook. So, creating an audiobook makes your book appear more professional and will ultimately get you more readers. If you sell at the high end of your market, or if you need to make your book seem more impressive, you should consider adding a hardback edition.

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The Pursuit of Wow!

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Here are the three main reasons why I tell our clients you need a physical version of your book. Online delivery was the only problem but not anymore as one can grab the video for offline viewing. The Wow Factor General Forums. Blender and CG Discussions. Insanity Insanity Does it come in a download by email, or is it an actual disc or a physical book type of thing?

Stukfruit Stukfruit LiquidApe LiquidApe Check out: I want to use scripts save my preferences and so on. I read your post about the book on your blenderguru site and it does sound like a truly great book! Maybe give out tutorials from it as a preview for the users who are iffy about buying it.

I haven't looked at the actual book so I could be totally wrong, and maybe it is worth the price. Andrew set the price of his book. If they think it's worth the price, and they can afford to pay that price, they will make the purchase. Any first-year economics class will teach you that. In case you skipped economics or are not yet old enough for it to be in your class schedule, I'll help you out: Andrew has chosen to market his book in a particular way.

Unless his methods violate the terms of service here or on any other web forum he posts to then he's perfectly justified to employ them. Whether or not certain individuals on those forums like or dislike the way he advertises his book is really irrelevant.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but those opinions, either for or against, have no merit whatsoever. Those who feel that their negative comments here in the forum are somehow contributing to the greater good by providing criticism or alternative viewpoints are either dishonest or deluding themselves. I doubt very much that Andrew would read, much less heed, the comments here regarding price, content, or marketing methods. Expressing opinions is certainly allowed, but pretending that those opinions mean anything to anyone besides the poster is just silly.

I purchased the book. I think it is very well done and I feel that the content is certainly worth the price that I paid. I feel that Andrew has supported the Blender community more than the majority of the people in the Blender user base in general, and here in this thread in particular. I had intended to buy Wow Factor sight-unseen as a gesture of thanks for the hours of FREE tutorials he's produced that I've benefited from. If only people would put as much effort into positive things, like using, promoting, and supporting Blender, as they do engaging in flame wars, I'd bet we'd see a lot more art created.

Roger Wickes Blender compositing book is essential reading. It is a very detailed and thorough reference work, particularly good at linking work in the compositor to work in the 3d editor, such as the creation of custom masks..

I see the wow factor as complementary to it rather than a rival, as it homes in on 'specific how'to's'.

Ebook download factor wow

I tend to get multiple learning sources on a subject, as it helps to get several angles on a subject, which is probably an expensive way to approach it, but if it saves working time in the end, it tends to pay for itself in the long run.

I'm breathing again! That's a lot of broken ice. This thread probably did need a bit of light relief, so thanks for your mischievous approach: Mike I don't doubt you are a real person, or the other people who have praised the ebook.

I'm just allergic to this marketing style. But you're right, I shouldn't have ridiculed actual people's utterances.


My apologies. My mother tongue is not English as you can see , I can easily follow a tutorial with an American accent, although I have small problems with the British accent, but Australian accent that's another thing.

Timely observation. Well, this thread has in parts become something of an 'opinions tourette's fest'', so not a healthy or kind place to hang about in, particularly after presenting a big chunk of work to the world.

I suspect those criticizing selling this product, are the same ones downloading pirated software and music. Just a guess. Dave, as long as critics are constructive are very welcome, you can also check my comment on the Sintel post that you already mentioned to understand what's my point of view on criticism.

However you might convey with me that when you talk about personal stuff, especially on the net, is quite easy that a critic can be seen or perceived as an offence.

In your case especially, when you talk about shame regarding Andrew's personality and the way in which he presents himself to the Blender community you definitely cross the line.

You didn't say: If you said that I wouldn't have said a word, as I said critics are the soul of innovation and without them there's no development at all.

So I must admit that I crossed the line myself against you and I apologize for that, I just feel so mad when somebody goes personal that I can't really control myself sometimes. So no hard feeling, with this last comment I just hope that constructive critics will help Andrew to understand what the community really wants.

I love Blender, and all of the users who put in their time and effort into making tutorials for the community even though some of them are very ungrateful. I totally agree that Andrew should be charging for this. BUT if you look in the store at Blender3d. I would totally buy this book if it was cheaper.

It contains knowledge that I've learned in my 7 years of using Blender, plus access to.

Download wow factor ebook

Part of the cost is also that I will be updating the book on a bi-monthly basis for the next year and providing these updates free. Thanks, this is the kind of feedback I wanted. I also like to have complementary sources to learn from. I already have Wickes book, which is fantastic, very thorough which I do not have time to go through, right now yet somewhat lacking in specific 'howtos'. I am sure Price's ebook can nicely complement Wickes' Blender Compositing, I am definitely going to buy Wow factor knowledge is never cheap.

At that age one tends to be exuberant, and sometimes appear to be brimming with overconfidence especially, if you master something with an initial steep learning curve, such as blender. And I get a feeling that the harsher critics are probably around the same age - very extreme in their reactions. Once again, I agree with all of the points you've raised, and I also understand your passion Well, I did I mentioned the pricing, the data mining tactics, and the cheap, over zealous marketing, I was moved to elaborate further when I got called disgusting for mentioning these things.

That's when I let my full opinion be known, which may well have been a mistake on my part, but the truth is that's the impression Redbyte has left me with, and I meant every word I said. At this point, I feel I'm crossing a line myself, so I'm going to stop posting in this article, and I wholeheartedly apologise if I annoyed anyone which I did.

I personally hope Andrew drops this style and sells products based on their merits, not some 3d magix sytle sensationalism. His pricing is suspect as well. Next he'll sell us his modus operandi.

I mean, the screen grabbing, the templates, the e-commerce. Is is not only Blender knowledge. I am ashamed that 40 dollar is no problem fo me and that I only look with a half an eye to the WOW facor. Others, youngsters and the unlucky born have to save for it, but would use it better as I do.

ZOMG Andrew how dare you want money for a massive amount of time and effort spent on excellent learning resources. Don't you know Blender should only be used for free, open source tribute renders showing the glorious destruction of Autodesk and the rest of their corrupt capitalist community? If we could find a way to utilize Blender users' whining as a method of generating electricity, we could bankrupt Exxon.

One of the points that seem to have been raised repeatedly about is that it's expensive for an eBook - I'm not sure that's really a valid criticism in this instance. What you're really paying for is the information, not the delivery format - had Andrew presented this book as a series of video tutorials I doubt anyone would have bat an eye at the price.

For me, I don't really care what format the information is presented in vid tute, book, eBook provided that the selected format doesn't get in the way of accessing that information. In fact, for this sort of thing, I personally prefer an eBook as I find it far easier to locate the information I'm after. The other thing to bear in mind when evaluating the price is the lack of alternative sources.

While most of Blenders functions are well covered by both free and commercial tutorials there is very little information about the Compositor at least that I've been able to find available online.

Little besides Roger Wickes book, in fact. I've purchased most of the books available in the Blender e-Shop except, actually, for Rogers book!

I'm a lot more comfortable paying for e-delivery purchases these days such as BlenderCookies training series and Andrew's commitment to keep the book up-to-date for the next year is a big plus. Just bought the collection. Some infos could be a little more detailed -- but the bundle is really worth the price. Also, with this purchase, I kind of "employed" a Blender expert for a complete year telling and hopefully teaching me about the best practice compositing workflows -- no research needed on my side.

Maybe he should offer a "Student" or "Education" version to make it available to a larger audience -- probably boosting his sales. Or just split the package and sell the "bonuses" as single products. I have bought the "The WoW Factor" and in the same time I have got the all bonuses shipping with the e-book. The entire work has no valuable cost price for me, it's very well done. I'm wandering about many bad comment's on price's e-book and bonuses. I thought that blender's community people were a special way of sharing knowledge, and I think that so.

But after reading all the post my opinion is changed in bad. In the world only few people makes good resources about learning Blender as a professional teachers, and this should not have any cost for you?

Blender e-book: The Wow Factor

Just downloaded 'The Vault', the blendfile examples component of the overall 'Wow Factor' package. Of enormous value in linking the compositing tutorials parts to the scene assembly process. I know people have been complaining about the price, but honestly, I think the issue lies with the trailer. I didn't see anything 'exceptional' in it, not to say you aren't talented I've found some of your tutorials helpful but the video lacks stimulant to cause me to want to buy it, it doesn't answer my question I am I cannot afford to NOT have this information if I want my dreams to live.

I already use Carrara 7. No fluff either. Right now I am a webmaster and marketing guru for a major multi-national railroad company and I am quickly learning everything I can about film and animation to use motion graphics for my employer. This ebook and the bonus materials are going to save me huge amounts of time and significantly decrease the learning curve. I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who wants to do the same and increase the value of their art and marketing efforts.

Quote me on that! I have bought it yesterday and would say, it is worth the money. The tutorials are extraordinary and even very experienced Blender users can learn a lot of it. If you're going to use the compositor in Blender, this book will save you a lot of time searching and experimenting. Andrew's tutorials are exceptional and this book has helped me alot, so has his free tutorials If anyone is doubting that this book is filled with quality information, then I can assure that it is.

Just go check out a few of his free tutorials and you'll see how I can be so completely certain about that without having bought the book. It seems that those who don't like marketing, don't like the book or Andrew's methods. They haven't paid for the book, because they don't like marketing, self-promotion or kangaroos or at least photos of Andrew.

They sound mean-spirited and miserable. Have you watched TV lately, or a movie? Since when have physical products been automatically more valuable than non-physical? On the other hand, there are people who have actually bought the book! Guess which group I'd listen to in order to find out how good the book is?

Oh, a really small number have bought the book and don't like it, but the big majority love it. What is wrong with some people that they can't stand to see someone promoting their work, and feel it is their duty to point out to everyone else that fact that their nose is out of joint? Note to Dave Parsons: It is better to be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt.

Keep your mean, nasty comments to yourself. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything. And no, being told you are mean and nasty is NOT an excuse for you to launch into yet another tirade about how you hate someone promoting their work. Get over yourself - you just aren't that important.

Isn't that a little steep? I really like Andrew Price's Tutorials at his Blender Guru Site - Especially those for the tire and wheel excellent And am leaning heavily towards buying this set as some of whats freely available for blender is a bit thin and not nearly as well explained or in depth as is Andrews approach.

I will say that his website for The Wow factor looks kinda like those for slimming Berry Juice lol err Yeah it could do with a little polish but I like that the guy is confident and theres some good stuff so Good luck to him I say. Also how much would a similar set cost for say 3d studio or maya. I'm just grateful I don't have to spend hundreds on such a classy piece of software like Blender and there talented people showing us a way of saving time on our 3D voyage I can see people not liking the marketing-speak and the design of the page.

Because it looks like a template taken RIGHT out of a sketchy diet-pills or male-enhancement microsite.

Now the interesting question, DOES this marketing style work? Not sure. I haven't done the research. If one were to build a microsite or page to sell a product and if a certain method of page design for selling that product works 3-fold over another style, as the seller it'd be hard to resist using the proven design.

Even if it means people notice and complain about the "contrived" feel. But in Andrew's favor he's got simple clear and understandable writing for this sales page, other people's testimonials, sample video, clear call to action. Bottom line, If people bought it and like the product for the price. Unlike some products like diet pills , this one clearly delivers blender content and training and as long as you have eyes to read and ears to hear, you can take advantage of it.

Something I don't like: The prices all crossed off as if this were a steal and he's doing the buyer a HUGE favor by pricing it so low. That's honestly really lame and an insult to some people's sensibilities. I don't get this though. No mention on the page of what "The Vault" is that you all are talking about.

Factor ebook download wow

Coming to this site later than everyone by what, 2 days, I have no idea what I missed out on. That's one thing that bothers me. Was it that critical of a bonus item that only a few people could get it? I mean I get urgency as a sales tactic, but for Christ's sake, give us a chance to get the information.

If this kind of training is Andrew's passion and his way of making a living, it's all good in my book. When I do freelance and consulting, I know that I provide value, I do a good job and I can charge a higher price within reason because I stand behind my work and the client or buyer is better off for it.

They get what's promised. Who's the sucker? My smoothie didn't teach me anything about compositing. The "Vault" are the blend files you could get if you ordered on the first day. He doesn't want to give them to everyone, because then they become worthless.

It would be a little dull if he said: What would the 'true' price be then? I mean: I think that marketing strategy will make a drop on your sales. Deadlines should handle prices only. Buy cheaper now or buy expensive later. But never tell to a customer that your product will have less quality material after certain date. No good Mister.

Blender e-book: The Wow Factor - BlenderNation

That marketing strategy is mostly used by TV marketers, " if you call us during the next 24 hours you will get this and this You may remember that there were two video tutorials that I was including with The Wow Factor package:.

The reason for this is that too many people have started using the techniques in these tutorials and I don't want the market to doesn't become saturated.

That's why on May 25 at Once they are gone you will never be able to access the secrets taught in those tutorials again.

The deadline is May 25 - I have to admit that the phrase "too many people have started using the techniques in these tutorials and I don't want the market to doesn't become saturated" sounded absolutely reasonable to me, so i formatted my c: I think i didn't download one of these tutorials, but better safe than sorry.

I bet i'll be able to fix that with the compositor just need time to go thru the tutorials The reason some of us dislike this and read the damn comments, it isn't just me is highlighted perfectly in the email people have been receiving.

I knew this would happen, and that's exactly why I refused to register. Now that the actual email has been posted here in all it's lulzy glory, it just reinforces my points, doesn't it? But then again, what points did you bring up about the actual topic of discussion? You just commented to take a swing at me. Since nobody has countered what I said about the site and the marketing style, it just further highlights the fact that a I was right and b Those opinions are VALID and deserve to stay here.

Keep your 'If you've got nothing nice to say, don't say anything' crap to yourself. Some of us can handle strong opinions. They are no more "valid" than anyone else's opinion. The thing that riles me is that people like you, Dave, see fit to try to tear down someone else's work on the basis that you personally don't like it, that it is "lulzy" what does that word mean, anyway? If you don't like it, don't sign up for it.

If you think the book is too expensive, don't pay for it! We live in a free-economy world in which you are free to purchase Andrew's book or not, as you decide yourself. But the debate on this page has been dominated by people attacking Andrew himself and his methods, apparently trying as hard as they could to convince other readers not to buy the book.

If you stood outside my store waving a placard saying "don't shop here - the goods are overpriced, and the selling techniques remind me of TV marketing", a I would have a right to vigorously defend myself to sell my goods as I see fit, and to ask you to move on and let me conduct my business in a fair environment free from interference, and b you'd be the laughing stock of the neighbourhood.

To return to the core of the debate, since you requested, Dave: The methods used by Andrew are those used by thousands if not millions of online businesses. By promoting the benefits of the purchase, adding unexpected bonuses to the purchased goods, and building in scarcity pay now or pay more later , marketers are doing the best they can to maximise their sales.

They are attempting to persuade as many potential customers as possible to part with their money, by utilising basic psychology, used by salesmen in all types of business since ancient times. Well, I for one see no problem with that. I haven't bought Andrew's book, as I'm not that interested in the content. But I like Andrew's clear teaching in his tutorial videos and the way be put the sales video together.

I like the fact that he doesn't try to hide behind a mask and obscure the fact that he's an Australian or that he's young. I am considerably older than he is, but I am highly impressed with his ability to teach others and to sell his original products on the open market.

Again, what is wrong with ANY of that? The arguments made by Dave Parsons, Claas, quiss42 and the rest boil down to just two points: They don't like the marketing style 2.

Don't buy the book if you don't want to, but keep your big mouth shut if all you want to do is to try to stop others from buying it. My final point: I wonder if some other comments on this page reveal the truth behind the meanness and the nastiness. Some commentators here, deep down, believe that they should be able to get something for nothing, that the Internet should be free, and that if they can get Blender for nothing, then damn it they should be able to get all the training they want for free too.

News Flash! In the real world, people pay for goods and services which they see value in, and they will pay what they believe is fair for those goods and services. If you want all your Blender education to be free, go for it. There are still lots of resources that are totally free. But if you would like the quality of Blender work to continue to go up, people like Andrew are going to have to be paid so that they can afford their time in producing original, high-quality training and educational resources.

And I for one think that would be a very good thing for the Blender "community", and would help Blender artists to gain credibility and standing in the wider world of 3D artists.

Well, firstly Secondly, I'm not going to sign up for it, I've made that clear enough. Do you know what else I'm going to do? Express my opinions here, and guess who isn't going to stop me? Bravo, you've finally nailed the point with that last sentence.

Also, exactly how am I wrong? Don't just make assertions, state your case clearly. Well, I'm not telling anyone not to buy it, I'm expressing my opinion about the style, price, presentation and data mining tactics he is using. So no, I will not shut up, and exactly who do you think you are to tell people to shut up anyway?

Who said I'm against any of this, or people making money from Blender? Also, there have been dozens of articles on this site for commercial products, and I haven't said anything bad about a single one of them. This in my opinion is different, and that's why I'm commenting. If you're going to argue with me, at least have a little honesty about you and don't misrepresent MY positions.

Dave Parsons if you cannot be constructive you exemplify all that is wrong with the internet! Seriously, this Andrew character obviously loves himself, just look at how he splashes his pic all over the net. I'm so fucking fabulous! If he sold them all seperately it would cost much more and no one would think anything of it.

There is no inventory. There are no wasted copies that will one day have to be shredded back into the ones and zeroes from whence they came. Furthermore, I observe from the images in the "teaser" that I have seen most if not all of those images before. I have already bought a book before, only to realize that it contains text lifted from the Blender Wiki tpyos and all. Include the ability to access a protected forum, with downloads and a "community" of fellow users, led by the author and moderated by a professional team.

In this regard, you are -strictly- going for volume, market penetration and saturation. You are also trying to leverage the unique capabilities of the Internet as a publishing medium; as an essentially cost-free publishing medium with truly world-wide scope. MikeR, just to set your mind at ease, you won't find any copy lifted from Blender Wiki or other online sources in Andrew's book. It's a pity your comment implies that the book you already bought was one of Andrew's.

This is his first book, so I know it wasn't his.

Download wow factor ebook

Naturally, Andrew used some of his best work in advertising the book, but there is loads of completely new material in it, I believe.

I think you are misrepresenting online publishing. Of course, all electronic products have low "production costs". However, that does not mean that they cost little to produce, or that they have little value.

There are many things in life, and in the marketplace, which have great intrinsic value, but whose materials are cheap or free. I personally have spent tens of thousands on education, the value being made up of the information I received and the changes which occurred in me as a result of the education.

Should I have said to my professors "You should teach me for free, since your words don't cost you anything"? The wisdom that a person offers to the marketplace may be worth millions for a few words, even though the material used to transmit that information might be completely without intrinsic value. Think of the formula for Coca-Cola, or the algorithm used by Google to rank websites, for example.

A lot of people are saying that when you do something online that there is no costs involved. Like somehow if you write a book and print it, the only costs you're paying for are the costs of printing. There is also the cost of writing the book, which can take a long time, and thus a lot of the author's time, to do.

If this material took him say: Then the sales he makes from this has to cover at least the cost of his living expenses for a month. If he wants to make a profit, then even more! I don't know how long it took him to make this stuff.

Because you have to remember, he did this instead of going into an office and working for however long it took him to make it, so the sales have to at least match how much money he would of made working. The same applies for 3d design, graphic design or web design. Even though you're doing the design work on a computer, and thus 'no materials required' other than the computer itself and software, it doesn't mean it costs you nothing to devote your time to the task.

So I'd say he has every right to charge that amount for this. All the numbers are guesses, I don't know how long it took him to make this, or how many sales he has made. As "a kid", you have limited income. Plenty of kids have raised money to purchase what they really wanted, by selling papers, setting up some sort of "lemonade stand", which today could be an eBay account. Am just saying stop being a torn in his flesh. To add a profile picture to your message, register your email address with Gravatar.

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You can also subscribe without commenting. You're blocking ads, which pay for BlenderNation. Read about other ways to support us. Thanks for the plug Bart! If anyone has any questions feel free to post them here and I'll answer them: Chuck on December 10,