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Design and implement Citrix farms based on XenApp with this book and Subscription. eBook. Print + eBook. Start a FREE day trial. . Installing and configuring XenApp on BRICKXA Configuring Citrix Web Interface server. 67 download a free hypervisor like Citrix XenServer, VMware ESXi, or Microsoft Hyper-V. Server and create. " Design and implement Citrix farms based on XenApp with this book and ebook. Use Citrix management tools to publish applications and resources on.

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Uploaded by: VERNA . Citrix Certified Administrator for Citrix XenApp® (CCA), you can also read a collection of free technical articles, sign up . breaking down problems into their affected components, and finally, testing. . the book, Getting Started with Citrix XenApp , Packt Publishing. I would like to thank Packt Publishing for, you can also read a collection of free technical articles, sign up for a range of free newsletters and .. can download this file from default/files/. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Guillermo Musumeci. Guillermo Musumeci is a Windows Due to its large file size, this book may take longer to download which provides free tools to manage Citrix environments, Active Directory, and.

XenApp is the leader in application hosting and virtualization delivery, allowing users from different platforms such Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices to connect to their business applications. Using XenApp, you can deploy secure applications quickly to thousands of users. XenApp 6. Getting Started with Citrix XenApp 6. Additionally, you will learn to use management tools and scripts for daily tasks such as managing servers, published resources, printers, and connections. It will guide you through an unattended installation of XenApp and components on physical servers. By the end of this book you will have enough knowledge to successfully design and manage your own XenApp 6.

Designing a XenApp 6. Chapter 3: Installing XenApp 6.

Chapter 4: Advanced XenApp Deployment. Chapter 5: Using Management Tools. Chapter 6: Application Publishing. Chapter 7: Application Streaming. Choosing which plug-in to use for application streaming. Chapter 8: Managing XenApp Policies. Chapter 9: Printing in XenApp Environments. Chapter Multimedia Content in XenApp. Managing Sessions. Scripting Programming. Receiver and Plug-Ins Management. Virtualizing XenApp Farms. Authors Guillermo Musumeci. Guillermo Musumeci is a Windows Infrastructure Architect specialized in Citrix and virtualization with 16 years of experience.

He has a passion for designing, building, deploying, and supporting enterprise architectures using Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware products. He worked as Project Manager and Senior Consultant in medium to large Citrix and virtualization projects in America, Europe, and recently he relocated to Asia, where he lives with his wife and two children.

Guillermo is also the founder and developer of the popular site CtxAdmTools, which provides free tools to manage Citrix environments, Active Directory, and more.

Getting Started with Citrix XenApp [Book]

He holds more than 25 Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware certifications. Read More. Read More Reviews. Recommended for You. Implementing Citrix XenServer Quickstarter. Learning Dart.

Getting Started with Citrix XenApp 6.5

Instant Apple Configurator How-to. All Rights Reserved. Contact Us. View our Cookie Policy. We understand your time is important. As long as you first understand the technology and what it can bring you, maybe all you need are some instructions on how to do it… well, this is what this site does for you. It provides you with all the required instructions on how to implement it.

What I really like is the ongoing new material. I can honestly say that Eric provides great value for what you paid.

Most IT training material is fixed in regards to time. You get what you paid for and nothing more. With xenapptraining. I am currently working on rebuilding my Citrix environment and going through all XenApp 6.

Looking forward to setting up Desktop Director next. Great site, great teacher, great overall product!!! Not only the course, but your website and eBook are excellent resource for Citrix support engineers as well.

Keep up the good work Eric!

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Before your video training I knew nothing about Citrix XenApp. I even spelt it incorrect ZenApp. I had an import project which involved publishing an application with XenApp 6. This project was part of a larger project that we could have potentially lost. I found your training online and within 2 days I was up and running publishing applications.

Your videos where a lifesaver. He puts CBT Nuggets to shame and any other vendor with training material. With the purchase you get a Citrix guru at your fingertip to answer any questions you may have. Every time I sent an e-mail asking a question or advice, he has responded back within minutes, no matter what the time!!! Thanks for your work! And thanks to xenapptraining.

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Finally passed my Citrix XenApp 6. You guys are excellent! We have solved a big issue in a complex environment by email in a total of 4 answers.

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Benefit 1 — Raise Your Salary:. Benefit 3 — Get More Free Time:. Benefit 4 — Get Unlimited Support:. The content on this website is tremendous. I would recommend it to anyone who is starting out with Citrix products and seasoned vets who need a quick, reliable source to assist with building and configuring the latest XenApp, XenServer, XenDesktop, and Provisioning Server products.

Jeff Rohrer - citrixxperience. Our environment has never been as secure but highly available as it was before learning things on here. And with the constant new videos, keeping us up to date with implementing the entire Citrix range, the value will get even better as time goes on.

Get unlimited access to our entire library of technical procedures, guides, and tutorials written by certified industry professionals. Experts Exchange. Individual SMB Enterprise.

Free Citrix Tools and Training

Log In. Sign Up. Free Citrix Tools and Training Published on Last Modified: Trusted Expert. Holistic technology infrastructure strategy, design, engineering and implementation that is highly scalable, secure, optimized, automated. Sign up for a free "Customer" account online at http: This account used for free trial software, free online training, free videos, and free tools.

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